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Hospital Grade Breast Pump - Medela Symphony Plus

About Symphony Plus Breast Pump

  • Initiation Technology™: Symphony PLUS technology used soon after birth can significantly increase breast milk production. The INITIATE program contains a mixture of stimulation phases, an expression phase and a pause phase that mimic healthy infant feeding behaviors.

  • 2-Phase Expression® technology: Can be used by all mothers to help build and maintain milk production. MAINTAIN program can be used to build upon initiation and maintain their milk production.

  • Convenient: Single or double pumping.

  • Two separate, independent membrane units: Allows switching between single and double pumping by simply applying or removing the second collection kit to the breast.

  • Let-down button: Moms can easily return to stimulation by pressing the let-down button.

  • Initiate and maintain milk supply: If direct breastfeeding is not possible, as well as collect breast milk at work or during other absences from the baby.

  • Hospital grade (multi-user): The pump’s kit is separate from the pumping mechanism and protected from overflow by a specially designed membrane.

Tanita Baby Scales

Tanita’s BD-815U technology provides incredible sensitivity for the smallest of patients. It was specifically designed to weigh premature infants and babies that are having difficulty gaining weight, featuring a measurement accuracy of 0.1oz/2g up to 12lbs/6kg, and 0.2oz/4g up to 33lbs/15kg. The BD-815U provides a convenient memory with weight gain calculation for pre and post feeding. New moms and lactation consultants find this to be extremely beneficial in determining milk intake.


Types of Appointments

Prenatal Appointment

Expecting a baby? During this visit your IBCLC will prepare you for what is to come and what to expect once baby arrives.

Initial Appointment

An initial appointment consists of a comprehensive assessment of mother and baby's lactation relationship and evaluation for any help or direction needed. The initial visit includes but is not limited to assessment for any problems or difficulties, oral restrictions, transfer of milk and breast health and milk production.

Follow Up Appointment

During a follow up appointment your IBCLC will reassess any problems from prior visit and evaluate progress. They will cheer you on and help determine any next steps that might be necessary to reach your feeding goals.


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