Rosemary Craig, IBCLC

Rosemary has enjoyed a lifelong connection with infants and children since an early age.  Born in England and raised in a large, close, and loving family, Rosemary enjoyed every opportunity to be involved in caring for her younger siblings from the moment of their birth onwards.  As Rosemary attended college obtaining her degree in Art & Design, she continued to nurture her calling, working with infants and toddlers as a Nanny.  

Rosemary met her future husband after moving to live and work in South Africa, having been offered a position at a local daycare in Secunda, S.A.  Rosemary’s own two children quickly followed and then began her personal experience of the joys and challenges of breastfeeding.  After a difficult birth and separation from her son, compounded by the absence of any lactation support or knowledgeable hospital staff, Rosemary and her infant son struggled to breastfeed.  Rosemary still feels the disappointment and heartache of that lost journey with her son today.  Rosemary’s daughter arrived after a natural and uncomplicated birth, latching immediately and then began

the exhilarating journey of successful breastfeeding.  Rosemary’s daughter was what is frequency described as ‘Tongue-Tied’ and so successful breastfeeding presented multiple challenges which were constantly changing throughout their journey together.  

Rosemary continued to travel and reside in multiple countries where her focus was upon raising her children.  She and her family finally settled in Southern California while her children attended school and grew up, moving to Houston once her children were grown.  During her work in Houston supporting prenatal and postpartum families, Rosemary met Sandie Lemke, IBCLC.  After observing Sandie’s work during lactation consultations, Rosemary finally responded to her true calling and began her IBCLC journey.  

Rosemary shadowed, observed and trained with multiple experienced IBCLC’s, providing her with access to a varied and high level of training.  After obtaining her IBCLC certification Rosemary began to work with Texas Lactation Consultants as an IBCLC until the Fall of 2021, when she started her own practice.  Rosemary has advanced training and experience in infant oral restrictions (tongue/lip/buccalties) as well as providing prenatal consultations and expert support (in-home or office consultations) for a wide range of infant feeding issues including latching, low milk production, oversupply, re-lactation, bottle-feeding/refusal, exclusive pumping, introduction of solid foods, weaning, back to work preparation, etc. From assurance that ‘all is going well' to the more intensive support and expertise required at times, Rosemary is honored to support all of her families and help them to reach their goals.

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