5 Star Reviews from past clients

I absolutely love Rosemary. I was initially nervous and scared, as a first-time mom I did not know what to expect with breastfeeding. Rosemary guided me through all of it. During our first virtual meet and greet, we spoke about my expectations/goals with breastfeeding. She provided my partner with guidance on technical issues on how I was nursing my daughter to encourage her to latch. She noticed through a virtual web ex that my daughter had a tongue tie based on the visual information she requested during the call.

She referred me to Kidstown Dental (also amazing) who confirmed it was indeed a tongue tie, and quickly scheduled my daughter for chiropractor follow-ups before and after the frenectomy procedure. If it was not for Rosemary identifying this early on in my breastfeeding journey, I would have struggled so much. Ultimately, my milk supply decreased while I was healing from COVID, before I finally decided what was best.

Rosemary was with me every step up the way to starting my journey, helping me to seek care for my daughter, trying to help me return to nursing, and she also reassured me about my option, such as considering formula. I struggled so hard with accepting that and when I finally did, Rosemary made me feel like the best mom regardless of my decision. For that I will never forget her and I look forward to returning to her for my next pregnancy. My fiancé also loved the expertise she provided as well as helping him on how to best support me because it can be rollercoaster. With the right team, breastfeeding is a beautiful thing! I am so grateful for her encouragement and support.

Jennifer H.


This team of ladies is fantastic. Rosie was a wonderful and knowledgeable resource providing insight and also supporting me in the challenging task of breastfeeding my baby girl. Thank you Rosie! Truly grateful for the help!

Yine V.


Rosemary went above and beyond to help me successfully breastfeed, and I can't say enough great things about her. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and she is also the warmest, loveliest person. Her presence (even over video calls) provided me with the reassuring guidance we needed. She is the reason I transitioned from a sleep-deprived mom to a confident, happy one. She identified and then helped us solve my son's painful (for both of us) tongue tie. I've referred her to at least 4 friends already and we all agree – Rosemary is amazing! I'm forever grateful to her.

Johanna S.


Rosemary met with me before I had my daughter and afterwards. I insisted on getting an ibclc before this baby because breastfeeding was, sadly, a terrible and short experience with my first. With this baby it is going so well, and I attribute much of that to Rosemary's thorough questioning, teaching, and abundant encouragement.

Christina C.


I simply cannot recommend Rosemary enough. She was such a resource to me through breast feeding with both my girls. She was incredibly thorough in her home visit, providing very clear explanations and recommendations which she even then provides in writing via email after the visit. She is always prompt with her responses any time Ive reached out with questions, whether I saw her the week before or the year before. I've told multiple friends about her and will continue to recommend her to anyone who will listen. She's the absolute best.

Whitney S


I feel so lucky to have worked with Rosemary. My goal was to breastfeed until my daughter was 18 months, and I'm happy to say we've reached that milestone and are still going strong. It wouldn't have been possible without the help of Rosemary. She helped me through my babe's oral restriction issues, returning to work and pumping, and how to provide breastmilk from a cup when my little one had to learn how to do that for daycare. I met with Rosemary virtually through the pandemic. She always followed up our visits with detailed typed up summaries that included added advice and references. I would highly recommend Rosemary to anyone pursuing a breastfeeding journey!

Alexandra S.


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