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    We offer a variety of consultations for the new, new again or about to be families.

    - Prenatal Consultation

    - Initial Consultation

    - Follow Up Consultation

    - First Foods Consultation

    - Initiation or Relacation Support

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Batam Services is in Network with Aetna Insurance. If you have another insurance you can apply with The Lactation Network below to see if they can secure you coverage through your insurance company.

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Do you need a Lactation Consultant?

Caregivers often realize that a problem exists but do not know who in the health care team is the appropriate professional to call. Lactation consultants help caregivers before baby is born, help in the post-partum period to get the best start, and support continued feeding including breastfeeding, bottle feeding with breastmilk and/or formula and introducing first foods. For those situations which can be addressed prenatally, problems are often prevented and or minimized. Overall, many of the problems which caregivers face are temporary and resolvable.

Indications that a pregnant or new mother may require a Lactation Consultant:

- History of breast surgery

- Minimal or no breast changes during pregnancy

- Breast or nipple pain

- Engorgement

- Anxiety regarding lactation and breastfeeding

- Relactation or induced lactation

- Marked breast or nipple asymmetry


Indications that an infant may require a Lactation Consultant:

- No latch within 24 hours of life

- Persistent difficulty latching

- Inadequate diapers (less than 2-3 stools per day by day 3 OR less than 2 voids per day by day 2)

- Preterm or premature infants

- Infants with special needs 

- Infants fretful at breast (squirming, crying, pulling off breast)

- Inadequate weight gain

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Services Offered

Equipment Rental

Rent your hospital grade breast pump or scale from Batam Services. We carry the Medela Symphony Plus Breast pump for rental as well as the personal equipment you might need to use the pump. We also carry the Tanita baby scale for weighing baby for weighted feeds or any other reason you might need to monitor baby's weight gain/loss. These are available for $25 a week or $70 a month along with a one time $10 cleaning fee. Call for more information.


We offer a variety of consultations for new, new again and expecting cargivers.

Consultations offered:

- Prenatal

- Initial

- Follow Up

- First Foods

- Back to Work

Learn more about our consultations on our services page.


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